Miro Partnership

Lighthouse Consultings Announces Expert Partnership with MIRO – Advanced Whiteboard to Rapidly Improve Your Team Productivity    Lighthouse Consultings is pleased to announce our expert

Case Study

Global Kaizen Tracker in Smartsheet

Keep track on all KAIZEN ideas across your organization with Smartsheet. The Kaizen principle is a very important and well-known concept within different industries. We

Case Study

Cost reduction Tracker

Track all cost reduction ideas and ensure onetime execution. To support you´re comapny in these global challenges in markets and supply chains we established a

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Learn more about Smartsheet

Introduction to Smartsheet Four Quick Tips for Project Management Success Smartsheet Advance Smartsheet Advance Gold Overview How Best prativce in Smarsheet Implementation time Smartsheet can

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Head to head: Wrike vs Smartsheet

Head to Head: Wrike Vs Smartsheet Wrike is an American project management application service provider based in San Jose, California.. With Wrike, companies can schedule

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