Kaizen Management System

Revolutionize Your Continuous Improvement Program

We’ll show you how our Global Kaizen Management System can help you streamline your operations and empower your teams to cultivate a spirit of continuous improvement in their workflows.

Maximizing Organizational Growth: Kaizen Best Practices Inspired by Toyota's Legacy

Embracing the spirit of Toyota’s Kaizen philosophy, Lighthouse Consultings offers a series of best practice guidelines to supercharge your organization’s continuous improvement processes. Here’s how you can integrate these practices using our Smartsheet-powered platform:

Best Practice Tips:
1. Swift Idea Acknowledgment: Ensure a rapid response to new ideas. Our system guarantees feedback within 5 working days, utilizing Smartsheet’s efficient workflow capabilities.
2. Leadership Engagement: Empower your leaders to actively recognize and discuss new Kaizen ideas during Gemba walks. Utilize succinct reports for enhanced visibility and decision-making.
3. Global Idea Exchange: Share innovative ideas across your organization globally. This approach not only fosters collaboration but also prevents duplication of efforts, ensuring a cohesive improvement strategy.
4.Local Kaizen Champions: Appoint dedicated Kaizen leaders in each plant. These individuals will spearhead local improvement initiatives and maintain alignment with the global team’s objectives.
5. Worldwide Kaizen Events:Organize global Kaizen events to encourage cross-departmental collaboration and a seamless exchange of knowledge and best practices.
6. Recognition and Rewards: Celebrate and honor the best global Kaizen contributions with awards. This practice nurtures a culture of recognition and motivates employees towards continuous improvement.

By adopting these best practices, your organization can effectively channel the essence of Kaizen for sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Toyota's Kaizen Success Story

Toyota's dedication to Kaizen, a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement, has become a legendary success story in the business world. The Toyota Production System (TPS), or Lean Manufacturing, was developed by Taiichi Ohno and Eiji Toyoda between 1948 and 1975. TPS focuses on continuous process improvement and waste elimination, transforming Toyota into a global industry leader.

One essential aspect of TPS is the concept of "Gemba" (meaning "the real place" in Japanese), referring to the shop floor where work is executed. Toyota's management frequently visits the shop floor to collect input from team members and observe the production process firsthand through "Gemba Walks." This practice encourages leaders to engage with employees, identify inefficiencies, and implement improvements based on their feedback.

The "Andon" system is another critical element of Toyota's Kaizen culture. This system empowers shop floor employees to stop the production line if they encounter any issues, such as quality problems or equipment malfunctions. Addressing the problem immediately prevents defects from moving further down the line and helps identify and resolve the root cause more efficiently.

Additionally, Toyota provides extensive Kaizen training to its employees, including workshops, hands-on exercises, and problem-solving sessions. This investment in employee development creates a knowledgeable and committed workforce, driving continuous improvement culture throughout the organization.

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We simplify Kaizen implementation by offering

Package 1

3459 Monthly
  • 3 Smartsheet Licences
  • Unlimited Collaborates
  • Unlimited usage of the Kaizen Management System
  • 2 hours customizing Dashboard, Workflows

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  • 3 Smartsheet Licences
  • Unlimited Collaborates
  • Unlimited usage of the Kaizen Management System
  • 2 hours customizing Dashboard, Workflows​
  • 2 x 4 hours customizing /training

Package 3

8595 Monthly
  • 3 Smartsheet Licences
  • Unlimited Collaborates
  • Unlimited usage of the Kaizen Management System
  • 2 hours customizing Dashboard, Workflows​
  • 2 x 4 hours customizing /training
  • Kaizen method 4 hours online training

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