Keep track on all KAIZEN ideas across your organization with Smartsheet.

The Kaizen principle is a very important and well-known concept within different industries.

We have specially developed a pre-build Kaizen tracker solution in Smartsheet to help our customers with easy fast implementation and full transparency on a global scale.

LHC Tips:

  1. Fast response is key to people who have new ideas feedback should be submitted within 5 working days.  By utilizing Smartsheet workflow this can be done without an administrative workload, further, every employee can check the status of his idea without needing an extra license!
  2. Assure that the leadership team appreciates the new Kaizens during their Gemba walk. We can create a simple report so if you are in a leadership position and visit your factory in Thailand next time you will know easy what was the best Kaizen in this plant. 
  3. Utilize the power of your global organization, build a team and assure that new ideas are spread, according to lessons learned many companies “invent the wheel twice” within their own organization. 


  1. On the Shopfloor all you’re employees can input their ideas into the Smartsheet form even adding a picture or video just with their mobile phone.
  2. After a new Kaizen is added responsible team can be assigned with automatic workflows
  3. A3 Sheets in   and other documents like pictures can be added to have everything in one place.
  4. Ensure lessons learned and incorporation into your standards with automatic workflows.
  5. Ensure engagement with our simple dashboard for your whole team to monitor the global Kaizen journey.

Contact us to get free access to our Smartsheet solution so you can test it.

  • Implementation time
    Smartsheet can be implemented within days into your organization, once we integrated 150 employees, cross-functionally and on a global base.
  • Cost Licences
    Everyone can work in Smartsheet without having a license and this is unique. OF course not all the functionalities are available but a normal user can, comment, change status, update read, etc WITHOUT HAVING a license. Smartsheet Starts with 3 Licences at appr. 1000$ per anno and you can invite unlimited collaborators.

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