The People Powering Lighthouse Consultings

N. Röpnack

Managing Director of Lighthouse Consultings, Executive Interim/ Consultant
As a global automotive expert with 5+ years of hands-on experience in China, I have successfully led transformation, restructuring, and digitalization initiatives in multiple roles, including COO, Plant Manager, VP Global Industrial Engineering, and Director Purchasing. With a proven track record of launch management and implementing lean management practices, I excel in delivering results while managing multiple projects simultaneously. Throughout my career, I have worked with top-tier automotive companies such as BMW, Magna, Voss Automotive, Sodecia, Joysonquin, Punch Powertrain and Stellantis. My expertise in industrial engineering, combined with a keen understanding of global supply chain management, has enabled me to consistently drive operational excellence and improve organizational performance. If you're looking for a highly accomplished automotive professional with a strong background in transformation, digitalization, and lean management, I am confident that my experience and expertise make me a valuable asset to any team.

S. Osswald

Stefan is a passionate operations professional with deep know-how in in Lean Manufacturing, Operational Excellence and with more than 25 years of global experience in leading customer-focused operational transformations in diverse global industries and in guiding multiple mergers, site consolidations and turnarounds with sustainable results.  With a background in Mechanical Engineering and Supply Chain Management, Stefan has an in depth expertise across market sectors such as automotive, consumer goods, and medical devices and has managed multi-site and multi-product line transformations locally and globally.  He skillfully combines excellent technical knowledge and strong leadership skills with common sense, quickly assessing situations and designing a custom solution strategy to resolve the challenges, while leading the team to their best performance. He has a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineer from the Technical University of Munich, a decade of lean manufacturing consulting and interim COO roles, as well as 17 years of VP level operational management responsibilities acquired at flex.

J. Baetzel

Executive personality, multilingual, internationally experienced, with more than 30 years of experience in the electronics and automotive industries. With an ascending career and with proven success. As a professional, I am an Electronics Engineer, MBA (CMU) and Master in Anthropology and Ethics (UP). Within these industries I developed various areas and was responsible for them: mechanical engineering, production, production planning and execution, administration of business areas, sales, IT to planning, implementation, execution and management of production facilities and consulting firms and this with the highest degree international quality that the industries demand in their various areas. Fluent in English, Spanish, and German.

M. Lazarova

Smartsheet Solution Engineer
Smartsheet Expert / Process Engineering / Automation / Automotive / Medical technology

G. Breske

Interim Project Manager
Project Management Expert / Certified PMP Project Manager / Automation / Automotive / Medical technology

A. G.

Senior Consultant Simultaneous and Advanced Engineering
With more than 25 years of management level experience, in various industries, I’ve seen the way businesses and technology transformed. With an Industrial Engineering degree, experienced in optimisation in Businesses and Projects, focusing on Lean Six Sigma principles and an Agile Management style, I’m dialled into details, with a demonstrated history of working in the Automotive Automobile Industry, Information Technology Industry and even in Shipbuilding.

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