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Increase your value added, improve your productivity by transforming your company with our expertise as smartsheet partner, experts in actionable dashboards and hands on experience in process consulting.


The smart way of digital collaboration!

Lighthouse Consultings is partner representative, consultant, coach and setup partner by Smartsheet.
Smartsheet is an online work platform that enables companies to plan, track and automate projects. Additional the platform allows you to integrate suppliers or customers into youre day to day work.
The possibility to connect your data with out off systems such ERP systems or Database completing the collaboration network.
With our platfrom you always have an overview of the current project status and further plannings.
Thousands of companies and brands use Smartsheet for their project management and appreciate its great usability, clear dashboards, real-time charts, and numerous automation features.
Our service also includes in-depth consulting and employee training to help you take full advantage of Smartsheet.
Transform your organization and follow over 50 % of the fortune 500 companies with Smartsheet as a collaborative platform.

  • Implementation time
    Smartsheet can be implemented within days into your organization, once we integrated 150 employees, cross-functionally and on a global base.
  • Cost Licences
    Everyone can work in Smartsheet without having a license and this is unique. OF course not all the functionalities are available but a normal user can, comment, change status, update read, etc WITHOUT HAVING a license. Smartsheet Starts with 3 Licences at appr. 1000$ per anno and you can invite unlimited collaborators.

why our customers trust us

“The best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust them.” (ernest hemingway)

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