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Forrester TEI Study on Smartsheet

The Forrester TEI Study on Smartsheet showed several significant results that further highlight the value of the edit column feature. The study found that organizations using Smartsheet experienced:

  • Improved productivity: Smartsheet’s edit column feature enabled teams to complete projects faster, with a 27% increase in productivity reported.

  • Reduced manual errors: With the ability to quickly and easily make updates to projects and resources, the risk of manual errors was reduced, leading to more accurate project tracking and reporting.

  • Increased collaboration: Smartsheet’s edit column feature fostered greater collaboration among team members, leading to a 20% improvement in team communication and a 15% increase in team morale.

  • Better resource utilization: The ability to easily allocate resources to projects helped organizations to optimize their human capital, resulting in a 25% improvement in resource utilization.

  • Improved project delivery: With better project tracking, resource allocation, and collaboration, organizations using Smartsheet reported a 30% improvement in project delivery, with more projects completed on time and within budget.

These results show that Smartsheet’s edit column feature is a valuable tool for organizations looking to improve their project management processes and increase productivity. Whether you’re a project manager, end user, or resource manager, the ability to easily update and manage projects in real-time can help you achieve your goals and deliver projects successfully.

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