Formula Handbook: Your ultimate guide to master formula in Smartsheet

No one can deny that mastering formulas will have a massive advantage in your daily work life with SmartSheet, you can efficiently execute calculations and lookups on a single sheet or across multiple sheets using formulas and functions. You may automate symbols and drop-down fields using formulas as well.

Both manually entered variables and cell references can be utilized to generate a formula. You can apply a consistent computation to an entire column or add formulas to a set of fields. To conserve grid space, you can also create formulas in the Sheet Summary.

Functions like SUM, AVG, and IF are widely used formulas. There are also some unique capabilities proprietary to Smartsheet, including hierarchy functions like CHILDREN. To see all the options, you can look at this Functions List.

To go deep, you can also use the “Template Set” of Smartsheet, some key benefits are:

  • Learning about using formulas in SmartSheet.
  • Working with live examples of each function in SmartSheet. 
  • Examples of commonly used formulas, such as Red Yellow and Green status calculations Examples of advanced formulas, such as cross-sheet data lookups with multiple criteria. 

How does it work?

You access to the template via this link .

  • Implementation time
    Smartsheet can be implemented within days into your organization, once we integrated 150 employees, cross-functionally and on a global base.
  • Cost Licences
    Everyone can work in Smartsheet without having a license and this is unique. OF course not all the functionalities are available but a normal user can, comment, change status, update read, etc WITHOUT HAVING a license. Smartsheet Starts with 3 Licences at appr. 1000$ per anno and you can invite unlimited collaborators.

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Formula Handbook: Your ultimate guide to master formula in Smartsheet

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