Group of financial professionals analyzing markets

A leader must lead – but also be ready to follow
In some situations, subordinates may have knowledge or insight that you do not have. Then you have to acknowledge that and rethink your strategy.

They have full responsibility – and need decentralized structures
“Extreme Ownership” is the essential concept for Willink and Babin. It states that a leader bears full responsibility for the success and failure of his team. Even if you can not always control everything directly but have to trust your employees: It is your leadership style that determines everything.

Be self-confident, but never cocky
You should approach with confidence and communicate it to your employees. But if it goes too far, it acts like complacency and arrogance, which ultimately leads to failure.

Be brave but not presumptuous
Who makes decisions, can not think forever about possible consequences. But at the same time, it’s important to keep risks as small as possible.

They need fighting spirit – but they are also a good loser
Competition is needed so that everyone gives their best. But your own ambition must never be overriding the success of the team. Therefore take the responsibility, if something goes wrong!

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