5 Best free learning resources you should try now

Did you know that free learning websites can help you pick up a new language or perfect a new skill without costing you a dime? The internet has a lot to offer, whether you’re five or 95. The internet is a wealth of information, especially regarding schooling.

You can learn new things, meet your academic objectives, and get the job of your dreams using these free online learning resources. The best part is that a lot of top-notch websites are free. To advance in life, you must be a lifelong learner.

The world is constantly progressing. The only way to keep up is to acquire new knowledge daily. These free educational websites offer top-notch, no-cost online education in anything from history to coding.

Here are the best online learning platforms:


Coursera is founded by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, it collaborates with institutions and top universities all over the world. This creates a searchable database with a wide range of topics and viewpoints.

With courses from numerous prestigious institutions, museums, and trusts, Coursera is an effective instrument for free online education. As a result, the site now offers a very large selection of in-depth courses.

If you want to learn about many different subjects or take courses from many organizations and colleges, Coursera is quite helpful. However, there aren’t as many free courses available anymore, so you’ll have to

You can explore all courses on Coursera via this link, you can also apply for financial aid to get the course for free with the certificate.

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy offers a user-friendly, well-organized interface and collaborates with numerous post-secondary institutions. Khan Academy offers exceptional detail on a wide range of topics while curating several courses from the internet.

Khan Academy, one of the more well-known instructional websites, is also highly user-friendly, which can make it simpler to stick to learning objectives. Khan Academy is the best option if you want free online education.

You can explore different courses available at KhanAcademy here.


edX is a fantastic additional choice for free online education. The website offers outstanding, high-quality material for everyone while also combining courses from other universities. Since edX offers courses from major colleges like Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley on a wide range of subjects, getting a top-notch education online for free is feasible.

You can explore different courses available at edX here.

Harvard University:

The good news is that you can do it all for free, regardless of whether your goal is to get in-demand employment skills from one of the greatest universities in the world or simply to experience what it’s like to take a class at Harvard.

edX is a well-known online learning platform and nonprofit organization dedicated to democratizing education. It was founded by Harvard and MIT. When programs are provided online for free or at reasonable pricing, obstacles like high tuition and location are no longer obstacles.

The website offers more than 2,500 free online courses, many of which are drawn from prestigious institutions like MIT, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, the University of Michigan, NYU, and others. About 145 of the courses on edX are from Harvard.

You can explore different courses available at Harvard University here.

Smartsheet learning center: you all in one to learn Smartsheet for free

Smartsheet learning center offers a unique curated learning journey where everyone can learn new skills, with curated Learning Tracks you can learn about Smartsheet with the help of the guided, self-paced learning tracks.
There are 3 levels to help you take your Smartsheet skills to the next level: Leve1: Get started for beginners, Level2: Intermediate Users, Level3 Advanced Users.
You can begin your Smartsheet learning journey and explore much more features and resources here.
  • Implementation time
    Smartsheet can be implemented within days into your organization. As a reference, we integrated 150 employees cross-functionally and on a global base for one of our clients.
  • Cost Licences
    One unique feature of Smartsheet is that even users without a license can still work in the platform. While not all functionalities are available, regular users can still comment, update statuses, and read data without requiring a license. Smartsheet offers different licensing options, with the starting package at around $1400 per year for three licenses, and the ability to invite an unlimited number of collaborators to work on projects.

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